Jeana’s Journey at Kulu Begins…

Jeana first blog post, about how her experience as a Kulu Safaris guide kicks off.

There are only so many expectations one can have when joining a high-end, safari company for the first time. Mine included animals, guests, animals, guests and more animals. It took me actually getting here, and working for three short months to realize that there is so much more to life as a guide than that!

Right now I’m sitting at a table alone at 7.30 in the morning in the middle of the campsite, trying not to get distracted by the Common Hoopoe on the tree in front of me. Our chef, Ranga just walked past me and I pointed it out, but I don’t think he cared too much. Fair enough, it’s not really an uncommon sight. (no pun intended). Wildlife is abundant at camp; this morning I woke up to a peacock call right outside my tent.
My home is the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka’s Capital; so when I’m in the jungle, I love to take it all in. I can only imagine what it must be like for some of our guests who haven’t experienced living alongside nature like this. It’s truly beautiful!

dec 011
Accompanying a young guest on a kayaking expedition #Ilovemyjob !

I didn’t mention before that I’m here training as a ‘naturalist’, being trained and mentored by Kulu’s brilliant presiding naturalists, Manjula and Ramani. Their knowledge is outstanding and I feel like I really am learning from the best.

My pre-requisites for this were a lifetime of trips and excursions into the multiple jungles and national parks of Sri Lanka, a huge dose of bravery, a willingness to learn, and embracing the importance of teamwork. My father and grandfather have taught me so much about wildlife and nature from a young age, but I still continue to learn something fascinating every day; most of which I will share with you in the posts to come.

All the pictures on this blog are either taken by Manjula or myself. I’m no wildlife photographer but im definitely starting to get a feel for it.

Follow my short but spectacular journey to get a deeper look into Kulu Safaris and Yala National Park, from my perspective!

This blog post was written by Jeana – our junior,  knowledgeable, and enthusiastic naturalist who joined us recently. Jeana’s posts are her own perspective of life in the jungle and experiences with Kulu.

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