A Defining Moment for Conservation in Sri Lanka

KULU SAFARI TEAM ATTENDS THE BLOOD IVORY CRUSH IN SRI LANKA. Held at Galle Face on the 26th of January 2016.

We squeezed through the security checks and into the crowd in the sweltering heat to watch the blood ivory being crushed; an experience only made real when we saw the tusks with our own eyes.
Kulu Tusks Jeana blog WM
359 massive tusks. Working in wildlife, we see tusks often, but these tusks were held by giants much larger than those we see on a daily basis. These belonged to the African Elephant. They were displayed alongside the FEO’s Sri Lankan Elephant Exhibition which will tour in human/elephant conflict areas island wide this Jan-Feb.

After 4 years of being held in SL customs, the ceremony and crushing itself created such a beautiful feeling of unison with the shared sadness of everyone present. Representatives from every religion were present and prayed for the lives of the Tanzanian Elephants that had been slaughtered for their tusks.

The destruction of these tusks not only marks the iconic commitment to the CITES convention but the improving transparency and dedication of Sri Lankan customs and Wildlife Ministry, as well as purposeful and impactful awareness.

How all elephants deserve to be:


This gives every wildlife worker, lover and enthusiast hope that change is coming, slowly but surely. We need desperately by Sri Lanka, to keep up with (and hopefully be an example to) the rest of the world in moving towards the peaceful co existence of man and nature.

(Words and Photograph by our guide Jeana De Zoysa)

Author: kulusafaris

Tented Safari Pioneers in Sri Lanka :)

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